If you’re a photographer, tripods are essential to your work. Below, we’ll be discussing the essentials when looking for a great one to purchase. So, keep reading.

How Much Can It Support?

Tripods come in various sizes. These sizes influence the weight it can carry. In terms of its weight, you need a tripod that can carry large amounts as this will provide the most sturdy base for your equipment.

Unfortunately, a lot of photographers purchase tripods that don’t support much weight, this is as they’re easier to carry around.  You should not do this as you will risk your valuable equipment.

Photography equipment can be quite heavy. So, putting your best camera onto your tripod can be a catastrophic move as its base could be affected by the weight, causing your camera to fall down with the tripod.

Therefore, it’s vital to know how much it can support before you purchase it. A good tip would be to record how heavy the equipment you have is. Then, make note if the tripod can readily support this weight.

How Large Is It?

You need a tripod that isn’t too large. If it’s quite hefty, it would be very hard for you to travel with it on the road- even impossible. Thus, the quality of your work would be affected.

Because of this, you should purchase it in person and not online. This will let you see how large the tripod is, letting you know if it’s small enough for you to take around.

Additionally, its size can further influence how well your pictures come out. In general, it should be no taller than you as on the stand, your camera must meet your eye. If it’s too short, you’ll find it very hard to focus on images as you’d constantly be crouching to take the shot.

Is It Stable?

The tripod needs to be very stable. Otherwise, it would constantly move due to the wind. If you’re a photographer, you need still shots that only a steady base can provide. Thankfully, tripods act as this base as the human hand can be quite shaky.

If the tripod isn’t very sturdy, its function would be completely lost making the money you spent on it useless. That’s why you need one that is known to be very steady once placed, especially outdoors.

Some brands are more specialized in their tripods stability than others, such as manfrotto.  

Does It Come With The Head?

You place the camera on the tripod’s head. Most of the time, it comes attached to it, allowing you to slide the camera in. However, some do not come with the head attached, making you purchase it separately.

If you’re purchasing the head separately, it needs to be very sturdy as it will be the platform your gear sits on. So, ensure it can hold a weight that is much higher than your standard equipment.

As you can see, there are various things to consider when looking for the perfect tripod. So, be considerate of the mentioned points and good luck!