If you have always wanted to have a go at golf but did not because you felt like you would be putting your incompetence on display, a change in attitude is in order. A good place to start would be knowing that everyone often feels this way, especially when starting anything new for that matter, let alone golf. Hence, one of the most expensive games in the world making you feel this way is completely understandable. What matters though, is how you handle it. As a beginner, there are a few key tips that will come in handy. Besides, seeing as how we are in the 21st-century, we are seeing digitization here too making life easier, which we speak about as well.

Study the Rules

Nobody is going to expect you to have them memorized word-for-word after your first day, nor will they expect the same in a year from now. What they will expect, however, is that you have at least a basic understanding of your 4th or 5th time, and therefore have a respect for the rules, playing well with others as well. Golf is a little more technical than other sports, so there is some watching and observing involved first, but this is like learning theory before practice, so it is definitely a necessary part of it.

Invest In Tech

Golf is already known as an expensive sport, perhaps the most in the world, so investing in tech will obviously only add to this, but when you find out what it can do, you will probably want to test it out for yourself. Ever heard of a golf GPS? It functions somewhat like your average GPS, except this one has been specially built for the golf course. There are different types and makes of course, but some of the things they can do include measuring swing metrics, offering a dedicated Course View button that allows you to manually pin position and blind shot assistance.

Only Follow the Pros

We do not mean watch them on television and assume you can now go golfing. What we mean is that you should only stick to learning from the pros when starting out. Many not only end up with a terrible technique in their swing by ignoring this, they also develop hip issues as a result of improper movement. Professionals can monitor you at every stage, and step in when necessary to correct you. On that note, you should also avoid trying to learn to play golf from books and magazines, as this is something you can only master when actually practiced.

Research Beforehand

If you are nervous about heading out there for the first time, why not research about the game first? As mentioned, this will not be much use in actually teaching you how to play golf, but research makes for great background information. So if your trainer speaks specific terminology, even if you do not remember exactly what it is, the word will sound somewhat familiar, and make you less anxious. This also shows pro-activeness on your part, which is always a good thing!