I know you probably love taking care of yourself. The mantra our bodies are our temples is true and we must respect it. What’s great is that not only do we look amazing after, but we also feel a certain way- elegant, extravagant, absolutely mesmerizing. So what exactly are you supposed to do for a special date if we’re always taking care of ourselves? Sure, you don’t have to get ready if you stay ready, but sometimes this does not apply. Do not fret. Your date will be amazing. How do I know? Because I know you now have this article in your life. This will be your guide to help you through how to get ready for your night ahead. Buckle up cause’ you’re in for a ride!

Remember To Be Confident

You don’t want your date to be scared of you or even intimidated, now do you? This may happen if you don’t try and evoke as much friendliness as you can. This can try and be fixed by consciously remembering to be as amicable as possible before each decision.

If you’re nervous try and not let it show as your date would immediately sense it. Try and relax with some R&R before the occasion. I usually visit my local  high st salon for a session to give myself a confidence boost.

Clothes May Get The Best Of You

It’s great that you have a large closet, you have so many different options to choose from. Hurrah! Unfortunately, this can be a bit of a mess as you simply have… too much to choose from, which may result in you picking an outfit that is not proper for the occasion. This can also be said if you have a smaller closet as you don’t have the proper variety to choose a proper outfit from.

That’s why you have to be vigilant in your decision making when it comes to your clothing. Remember to keep in mind that less is always more. But don’t dress over casually- ever. Always keep in mind that your appearance makes the first impression for you so you don’t want to start off in a blunder that could have been easily avoidable.

It’s A Nasal Assault

Ladies, remember that you must smell your best which is why you have probably chosen your finest perfume for the occasion. This is great but remember to not overdo it. Quite a few men report that women spray their fragrance very strongly to make the scent everlasting.  Don’t be a victim of this mistake, I know I have.

But it isn’t just about the perfume. If you want to smell completely good you need to do something about possible bad breath. Make sure to drink as much water as you can throughout the day as this prevents it and chew on some mints right before you head off.

Don’t worry, your date will go amazing, I just know it. And who knows, he might be the one.