If you have decided to take fishing for a hobby, you have to be prepared. It might be costly but at least you only have to purchase the major items one time and you just have to replenish the minor supplies when you run out. Without prior knowledge about the functioning of various fishing tools and accessories, you might think that all models, brands and types are the same. However, this is not the case.

For beginners, the following basic tools are a must-have (and knowing what their intended purpose is) before you head over to your town’s best fishing spot.

Tackle box

Similar to a tool box, your tackle box contains all your fishing tools and accessories. Having all your fishing tools in one box would be easier for you to take note of which supplies you are running on low. This would also minimize the possibility of you forgetting something during impromptu fishing trips.


The fishing rod is also called a fishing pole and could be made out of various materials such as fiberglass, graphite or the traditional and classic bamboo. The length of the pole ranges from 1 meter to 10 meters, the longer the rod is the better chance of casting. To find an essential fishing tool, you should do thorough research on which brand to purchase. Also see which material is better for your fishing requirement, the length and other specifications are recommended.


Since the fishing line would take the brunt of your catch’s weight, it should be sturdy and durable. If the line is flimsy and the cast was caught on something or it got tangled, chances are it would easily break. You would not want to purchase a thick line as well since the fishes might not bite your bait seeing the line, especially if you are fishing on a crystal clear lake.


When shopping for hooks, buy a few of the different sizes of hooks to vary for different sized fishes. Small hooks would not be strong enough to catch big fishes while big hooks might go through small fishes. You have to be aware of the types and sizes of fishes that you could catch while fishing on a lake or sea.


A floater is necessary because this would serve as your identifier that a fish bit your bait. Once your floater sinks, it means that you have to prepare to reel in your catch. Floaters or bobbers come in various shapes and sizes. You could choose which one you prefer but go for brightly colored ones so you could easily spot it even if you are on the shore.


You could always go old school and scour your backyard for live worms. But, if you are squeamish, you could opt to use plastic worms as bait. Similar to floaters, plastic worms come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

These are just some of the basic must-haves that you need to include in your tackle box. You could add more depending on the need which you could determine every fishing trip. Don’t forget to carry a first aid kit as well because even if fishing is a relaxing hobby, there still might be unexpected mishaps.