Onie Klatt December 27, 2018

So, you’ve just asked her the most important question, and she said YES, well congrats mate! Now it’s time to spread the word and celebrate. So how do you react your happiness via celebration and where should you have the ceremony? Have It at a Restaurant The best way to avoid quarrels about whose house […]

Onie Klatt October 30, 2018

Most people work very hard towards building a long-term relationship and it can be very fulfilling when you finally settle down with that special someone. Unfortunately, after a while, it can seem like things can get a little… stale. It could be because you get very comfortable with one another. Or, you have so many […]

Onie Klatt September 28, 2017

We live in a world that keeps changing by every passing second. Each minute, babies are born while deaths occur. People’s deaths occur due to various reasons. Some die of aging while others die because of accidents and diseases. Contagious diseases can be temporary or extremely deadly. It is always better to prevent the illness […]