Onie Klatt June 19, 2019

I know you probably love taking care of yourself. The mantra our bodies are our temples is true and we must respect it. What’s great is that not only do we look amazing after, but we also feel a certain way- elegant, extravagant, absolutely mesmerizing. So what exactly are you supposed to do for a […]

Onie Klatt March 21, 2019

Frames are used to draw attention to the picture held within them. They are usually just a little ornate and eye-catching so that people see the picture within. When it comes to picture frames there are plenty to choose from. That’s why we are going to tell you what frames are available for you to […]

Onie Klatt February 10, 2019

Whether you’ve had a tough week at work, or simply feel burn out after balancing on a tight rope of stress for too long, here are a few things you can do this weekend to help your body and mind truly relax. Sleep To Your Heart’s Content Sufficient sleep is something we always miss out […]

Onie Klatt February 8, 2019

Life has its ups and downs and as people, we have no choice but to navigate through all of them. When it comes to the tides of life there is a certain situation where things can just feel off. This can be due to different reasons but from time to time you might feel that […]

Onie Klatt February 8, 2019

Renovating your home can be a big project depending on how much renovations you want to be done. Therefore, it would be best for the first plan what you want done and which areas of the house you want renovated as then you can organize yourself accordingly. Designing Before you can begin the renovation process […]

Onie Klatt December 27, 2018

So, you’ve just asked her the most important question, and she said YES, well congrats mate! Now it’s time to spread the word and celebrate. So how do you react your happiness via celebration and where should you have the ceremony? Have It at a Restaurant The best way to avoid quarrels about whose house […]