Onie Klatt June 18, 2019

Every woman wants skin that’s timeless and absolutely radiant. What do they get however? Dry, dull skin brimming with pores. This is a result of the lifestyle you live- you make the commute to work every day with dust and dirt in the air, you face daily stress at the tasks you have to complete […]

Onie Klatt September 11, 2018

Your bedroom is where you are the most relaxed and as such it makes sense for you to invest in items that will work to this effect. Especially when it comes to the bedding that you choose, you need to make sure that you are doing right by your health and well-being as well as […]

Onie Klatt September 8, 2018

Today, beauty standards have been broken in such a way that stereotypes and certain ideas in what people call beautiful are not boxed anymore. People have become welcoming to the idea of all kinds of beautiful and loving who you are whatever your colour, race or size is. It is a great thing that women […]

Onie Klatt July 15, 2018

Imagine the summer days when you really want to spend time outdoors. You may entertain guests or just chill with family under the starry night skies. Not imagine being able to watch TV outdoors as well. Most people want to set up home theatre screens outside. But you can watch an outdoor TV anytime without […]

Onie Klatt June 13, 2018

As the best man, you might have a lot of responsibilities. Although you might think that arranging the wedding ceremony might be one of the biggest concerns you should be handling with, that is not true. Your biggest concern, at least before the wedding, should be the bachelor party. You need to fully understand the […]