One massive problem that adults face when choosing gifts for children is selecting something that they would come to love. Most of the times their preference is based on their age, even more than gender. Here are some of the gifts ideas for kids of all ages.


Newborn babies and infants are often gifted essential items like blankets, diapers and other clothing as one of the most common gifts. Other than these items, there are also rattles, learning gifts like story books. If you want to gift something new to celebrate the birth of the baby, there are also keepsake gifts, such as books or building blocks that record the important milestones of the baby’s life such as their first word, first time standing up etc.

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

One important thing to consider when buying gifts for toddlers are to check whether they are age appropriate. You will find this if you examine the labels on the cover. If you want to be creative and get them something uncommon instead of the race cars and soft toys and dolls, you can try wooden gifts. A quick search on the internet will show you some good places to buy Australian made baby wooden toys or how to order them online. Books written for toddlers are also a good gift for them as it stimulates their brains.

School-Age Children

Since this is an age where most of the kid starts to learn new things and experiment, gifting them something that can enhance their creativity is always a good thought. Many adults like to stick to the safer options of gifting them school supplies and while this is useful for kids starting school or back to school time, these are also very common. Storybooks, colouring books are something you can try. If the kids are a little older, such as around age’s nine to eleven or twelve, you can also try board games such as chess, snakes and ladders, and draughts and scrabbleas they too are useful gifts.


Choosing gifts for teens are almost always difficult than the above three age groups. This is because they start to become very picky and always are influenced by their peers. Since this is an age where kids start trying out new hobbies and start to become opinionated, gifting those items that will help their endeavours will be a good idea. Cameras such as Polaroid cameras, sports kits, personalized T-shirts; diaries are some stuff they will love. For older children you can gift makeup kits, personalized mobile phone covers etc.

Once you understand the preference of each age group it is not difficult to choose a good gift. It is always easy to ask them what they want for their next birthday or the next Christmas but knowing their reference and surprising them will create a better impression. They will also notice that you remember what they like and love and it will only strengthen your good bond.