You can choose a single sex school or a co-educational school once you have decided to send your child to public or private schools. Parents tend to be very concerned about their children’s education and there are many decisions to make when it comes to selecting a school. You can also get your children involved when making a decision so that they can choose what is right for them as well.

You will find more co-ed schools than single-sex schools so there is a limitation on the applicants. The biggest advantage of selecting co-ed private schools Brisbane is the diversity that your child will be exposed to. It will be a smaller reflection of society and this gives them good exposure and experience when they enter the society. Being exposed to a more diverse group of peers can allow your child to develop a more open mind and this will create flexible and well-rounded individuals. They will be able to understand the opposite gender a little better and develop a healthy respect for them. This teaches children to communicate better with each other and understand others’ perspectives. It takes them out of the bubble that they live in and it is a great opportunity for learning to live amicably with each other. When you go to university or to work, there will be no single-sex environments so having this background at school will prepare your child for the future.

Equality is a much contested topic when it comes to the genders and by exposing your child to both sexes, they will be able to understand equality and value it. But there are some challenges with co-ed schools as well. Children are in their developing ages and it can be a little distracting to have both sexes in the same learning environment. It is inevitable for students to form crushes and relationships. This can be an added stress on top of the school workload and they may miss out on some opportunities because of this. When it comes to academic performance, many single-sex schools do better because there is less distraction. And most of the time, there is less bullying in these schools. The school should be a safe space for the children and negative experiences like this can colour their education and perception of education.

But you have to consider that there will be less socialisation with the opposite sex when you select a single-sex school. While this may not be an issue when it comes to the schooling years, when children become young adults, they may experience some difficulties when communicating with the opposite sex. And there is a lot that you can learn from each other as well which is something that your child can miss out on when being in a single-sex school. Take your child’s opinion into the decision as well. You should also consider the reputation of the school and their different facilities and specialities. If there are no single sex schools in your vicinity, you may need to send them to a boarding school and this comes with its own challenges as well.