Haven’t there been occasions when you were looking at the phone and wondering whether you did the right choice by shopping at a company whose delivery department is rumored or be horrible? Your business doesn’t deserve to be at that level in the 2020s.

Thus, we’re bringing you some of the fundamental features that reassure the clients of your product delivery in the best way.

Being able to track the order

As soon as the order is made, your business should inform the customer that your order was undertaken. Everything that happens after that until the customer actually gets the product is a challenge. However, letting the customer know about the whereabouts of their order is necessary. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to do it in real-time or not, it must be done in a reassuring way.

Presence of express deliveries

If your delivery usually takes a week, and if a client wanted to have whatever you sell within 2 days, they should be given the chance to have that. But the problem with that is the rapidity of entertainment – where are you going to buy the packaging material from? Will you be able to package them on time? Who will drive the delivery vehicle? All these problems must be resolved well before an express delivery since you can charge much more.

Disclosing pictures during packaging

There are some products that are expensive and fragile in a very unique way. Thus, reassuring your client that the packaging has been done in the best possible way is important. For this, we highly recommend you stick to wooden cases, crates, and bases for the entire process.

Since you can get customized sizes as well, you don’t have to worry whether or not the packaging would fit since they would – you can find out more information about that right here. When you’re carrying out the packaging, be sure to take enough pictures and share them with your customer so that they know that you’re doing the job right and their products are being handled by the best in the business.

Having a designated department for delivery

There’s no problem with outsourcing, but the management must be within the company. Since there are packing material suppliers who will do the packaging for you, you won’t even need full-time laborers for that. All you need to do is hire their services on a specific day and finish the week’s orders at once.

Online invoicing

We cannot stress how important it is to maintain professionalism when it comes to sales. What more can you do other than allow them to have their involved mailed to them, along with the one that they’d find in the package? Little details go a very long way in the delivery department.

Final thoughts

What we want you to understand is simple; if you don’t invest better in the delivery of your products, you’re not going to be able to preserve the factory quality of the goods until they reach the customer. On top of that, the customer must be kept in a relaxed mindset from the moment the product is purchased. Now that you know how to upgrade your business, most of the problems in the context will be resolved.