Have you had it with exercising at the gym 30 minutes every day? It’s bad enough to find time and motivation to start working out, but once the workout gets boring, it’s even worse. If you are genuinely interested in shedding that excess fat, then you need to stick to a workout schedule. That means not missing sessions just because you don’t feel like it. If you are seriously bored with your existing schedule, here are several fun ways to move your limbs and burn calories.

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Play a Sport with Friends

Break up the monotony of going to the gym everyday or jogging alone by taking up a sport. What’s even more fun is playing a sport with your friends. You can pick any sport you like—tennis, cricket, basketball, beach volleyball, or anything else—as long as it involves moving around a lot and sweating (so no chess). Play the sport of your choosing for 30 minutes to an hour several times a week to burn a ton of calories. It won’t even feel like a workout when you play with friends. You can have fun and enjoy yourself, which will only boost the benefits of the workout.

Get Away to a Weight Loss Hotel

Just can’t bring yourself to exercise during the busy workweeks? Sometimes working 9 to 5 can leave you too mentally exhausted to do anything else. In that case, try considering going on one of the many health retreats available in Australia. Get away to a stunning location and actually lose weight during your vacation. You will be served healthy food, for a change, and you can even meet likeminded people who can motivate each other. The vacations would also most likely include various activities that prevent you from sitting it out on a beach. When you come back, you would want to continue the weight loss streak.

Learn Healthy Cooking

Losing weight is not all about working out. The best way to lose weight is actually to restrict the number of calories you consume in a healthy way. This usually means removing refined sugar and carbs from your diet and adding more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and proteins. Most of us are used to sugar and fat-filled processed meals that often undo the benefits of weekly workouts. Therefore, learning to cook healthy would certainly contribute towards your overall wellbeing. Learning to cook a new cuisine is always fun too. You can learn at home with the help of online videos or you can sign up for an actual class. Either way, you can stimulate your mind and body with a healthy cooking class.

Go Hiking

Hiking is an energy intensive activity that will definitely burn several hundred calories. Plus, it’s a very thrilling activity that will take you to gorgeous places. If you want to enjoy the benefits of exercise and the fun of an extended holiday, go hiking. There are plenty of trails in Australia you can check out.

Try one of the above activities to make losing weight fun and exciting, and not just another chore you have to put up with.