We don’t always expect for anything to go horribly wrong when we begin a committed relationship with another person. We put our best foot forward and, in the beginning, so do they. Time goes by and as each of you get more and more comfortable with each other you also realize that things are slowly changing.

There are more and more lies and sometimes even betrayal and manipulation. All of this can prove to be mentally, physically, emotionally and even financially draining on you and that is when you need to call it out for what it really is; a toxic relationship that you must walk away from. Healing in these cases can be extra hard but here is a guide that can help you out.

Have the Strength to See and Accept the Red Flags

You must always try and identify the red flags in a toxic relationship and while it may not be exactly black and white and clear cut in the beginning, you will also need to make an effort to see it for what it is. One of the main issues that most people go through is that they begin to focus on the what if and not the what is. You cannot change a person or a situation as you see fit and then hang on to it hoping that they too will begin to see things the same way that you do. You need to have a clear enough mind and the strength to genuinely know if it is time to walk away.

Get the Help You Need

Toxic relationships include betrayal, manipulation, infidelity on any level and even gas lighting. Yes, your loving partner is completely capable of these things even if you think that they are not malicious and sometimes, malice is not even the intent. It is just how they are and how they assert control in a relationship or feed their ego. Either way, this should not be something that has to be put up with and can drain your self-esteem.

If that is the case and you are a victim get help from a confidence coach Sydney or any other convenient location so that you can move on with your life and rebuild yourself as a person. The minute that you start judging your perceptions and experiences and start blaming yourself for everything that has ever gone wrong in the relationship, you will need to also tell yourself that now is the time to say goodbye and move on.

Cut Off Contact and Don’t Immerse in Toxicity

It is hard to cut off contact with a person you have loved and lived with but you must sometimes and that is the only way. Be willing to cut your losses and while that pain may last for a while, it will never last forever. The only pain that will last forever is the one that comes with making a choice to stay in a toxic relationship. Make sure that you do not choose to stay because it feels like it is the safe option.