Have you been thinking of some home improvement solutions? During these hot and humid days, a cool breeze is like a wish coming true. You realize immediately that some cool air circulating in your home would be the most ideal; read on to find out how you can keep your home well-ventilated and cool through some of these pretty sleek ideas and tips.

Home Cooling Fixtures

Many people now use at least one cooling fixture per household for example; an air conditioner. In addition to cooling, there are some fans with lights that take cares of the proverbial two birds and a stone situation. Homes now combine lights with ceiling fixtures to cool as well as illuminate a room. Not only does this set up fulfil a practical purpose, but also add a decorative touch to the room. In order to install a fan light, the existing light fixture will have to be replaced. Most new brands come with this so that their customers can transition seamlessly.

Types Available

There are 3 different kinds available. They are either branched or stemmed lights, bowl and up-lights. Branched lights allow you to adjust the bulb holders in order to illuminate the area or object you want. Bowl setup is the most common set up as the bulbs sit in a bowl attached to the blades of the air cooler. The bowl itself can be clear, translucent or of any shade to give an ambience to the room. Up-lights as the name suggests are the bulbs pointing upwards and they sit on top of the cooler. These are generally used as soft lighting since they reflect off the ceiling.

The Cooler Kit

If you are the sort of person who likes to customize, then you have the luxury of picking the right lighting for your setting be it your home, office or even a lighting type that would reflect your personality. DIY kits vary from warm to cold lighting, LED, bronze, clear and/or frosted types, etc. To add to the customizable capabilities, bulbs can be combined with a type of cooler blades you like to give the set up an antique or a modern look. Some of these light fixtures carry the ENERGY STAR qualification making them more appealing to those looking to not waste energy and money. To take this customization game even further, a dimmer switch can be added so that you have full control over how much lighting you’ll need.

New Technologies

For our tech savvy millennials, some fixtures come with integrated app support so that you can now control cooling and lighting straight from your smart phone. If you decide to integrate it with Google Home, or Amazon’s Alexa or any smart home assistant, an automated installation will make sure your fan lights and/or fan along with other devices are turned on and ready when you come home. When it comes to convenience and staying modern in the aspect of climate control in a room, a cooler that tackles both temperature and lighting can go far. Pair that with an app to your phone, and now you’ve added efficiency to the equation as well.