Imagine the summer days when you really want to spend time outdoors. You may entertain guests or just chill with family under the starry night skies. Not imagine being able to watch TV outdoors as well. Most people want to set up home theatre screens outside. But you can watch an outdoor TV anytime without having to hang up a white bed sheet in the yard.

Besides, you would never have to worry about a projector ruining the resolution when you can watch directly from a TV. Once you have made up your mind, here are the tips for setting up an outdoor TV watching area:

Buy an Outdoor TV

The obvious first step towards setting up an outdoor TV is buying one. It’s important to understand that there are very distinct differences between indoor and outdoor TVs. You definitely don’t want to substitute and indoor TV for an outdoor one for another obvious reason: water damage. If it rains, the indoor TV won’t last long in the garden.

Outdoor TVs are weatherproof, so these gadgets don’t get damaged by rain, mist, or UV rays. The screens on these TVs are also slightly different. They are designed to show pictures brightly even when the sun is out. So, if you want a cool outdoor TV watching setup, you will need to buy a suitable television set.

Buy the Mounts and the Wires for Installing the TV Set

Once you have the TV, the next step is to go and get all the electrical installation materials required for setting up everything. There are two main things you will need: mounts and the cables. The mounts should keep the TV in place where you plan to install it. The wires will connect the TV setup to a wall outlet, which might be indoors.

You will have to carefully choose the items you buy. Just as the TV is weatherproof, you will want cables, switches, plugs, and other items that are weatherproof. Mounts should be sturdy and weatherproof as well the avoid deterioration because of the sun and the rain. Find a great electrical equipment seller to buy the stuff you need.

Location is Everything

Decide on the location where you want the TV to be. It’s highly recommended to choose a covered area where the TV won’t be excessively exposed to rain and the sun. You would also have to think of setting up the seating. Choose a comfortable area where you can seat multiple people without having to worry about the weather too much.

Just to be safe, avoid setting up the TV near a source of water. It might sound really amazing to set up the outdoor TV above the pool, but don’t. Unless you buy a really expensive, commercial-use outdoor TV, keep your TV away from pools, lakes and similarly hazardous areas.

Hire an Electrician

Once you have the location and the equipment ready, it’s time to hire an electrician to complete the setup. Technically, you can follow the instruction manual to set up the TV. But an electrician and ensure that the setup you have is safe and long lasting. Therefore, don’t be stingy and get an electrician to do the wiring correctly and without risk.

Now you would have an amazing outdoor TV ready for binge watching anytime. Don’t forget to properly maintain the TV as the owner’s manual recommends.