Furniture is one of the items in a home that usually takes up most of the space and as you accumulate more over the years, you will find that you have a lot of furniture. Most often, however, homeowners are adamant to part with certain pieces of furniture for good. The next best thing to do then is to find out a place that you can store them. Where ever you decide to store your furniture, it is important to take the necessary steps to keep them in good condition and to maximize the space as much as possible. Read on for some effective steps that you can take when storing your furniture to keep your home organized.

Renting Out

If you do not have sufficient space in your home to keep the furniture that you don’t use often, then it is best to store it in a self storage unit or facility for the long-term. There are commercial units that come in different size options ensuring you to pick a space that best fits with your requirement. These units are also equipped with facilities such as climate-control and even damage insurance. These spaces are very useful for those who have to store a lot of furniture in one, safe place.

Use an Attic or Basement

Another option is to move unneeded furniture to an attic or a basement in your home. Of course, the space needs to be large enough to hold all of your furniture and other miscellaneous items and since it is convenient and usually well-insulated, the risks of them getting ruined or damaged are minimal too. These rooms are especially useful for smaller items such as a bedside table that is an antique or an unused dining set since there will not be any charges for storing these in the convenience of your own home. Keep in mind to survey the spaces in your home as some entrances and stairways can be small and narrow for moving larger pieces of furniture.

Disassemble the Furniture

One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they store the furniture as it is, not realizing that most furniture can be disassembled and strategically arranged for storage without it being obtrusive. Most tables, cabinets and beds can be dismantled into separate pieces which can be then stored efficiently as it doubles up your space as the piece of furniture is now in much smaller form. Keep these disassembled items in one place or close together to avoid parts being confused or lost. Keep bolts, nails and other minuscule items of the furniture in a bag and tape them on to a piece of furniture visible to all.

Store Large Items Vertically

Another hack in storing efficiently is to turn the large furniture such as sofas, mattresses and long but low cabinets up straight ideally against a wall on an edge of the room. Keep this upright furniture close together to reserve space for other heavy and broad items to be stored. This also helps air flow freely between items and is an effective use of space when storing large items.