So, you’ve just asked her the most important question, and she said YES, well congrats mate! Now it’s time to spread the word and celebrate. So how do you react your happiness via celebration and where should you have the ceremony?

Have It at a Restaurant

The best way to avoid quarrels about whose house you’re going to invite guests to, you could keep it casual and in middle by booking a beautiful restaurant. This also eliminates the hassle of cleaning, decorating and also reduce expenses on hiring waiters (if it is a big event). The best function venue Croydon can be discovered with a little internet browsing.

There are sites such as Yale and Zomato that offers restaurant names and their location, alongside with customer reviews and ‘star rating’. After narrowing down a list of restaurants, you can commence to checking them out with your fiancé and decide according to your preferences.

 Its Decided, What’s next?

You could then proceed to book the venue either when visited the restaurants or by contacting them. You can further discuss with the restaurant manager about the decorations and the number of tables and chairs according to the number of guests that are invited.

The Cuisine

The cuisine is the most important element at a party, you could have a mix of cuisines but that tends to cause delays in the kitchen. Therefore, fixating on a particular cuisine such as Italian provides you with a range of delicious options such as steak or pasta.

As for the drinks, if you’ve booked a restaurant with a full bar, each of your guests would be provided with the ability to order according to their consent. Assure yourself of the quality and the quantity of the food after a discussion with the management or by going through more customer reviews, or by visiting the restaurant’s own website.

The Restaurant and Staff

Make sure the restaurant is clean and the staff are friendly and well dressed. The last thing you want is for your guests to complain about the staff or hygiene at your party. The ambience of your restaurant should be in tune with the vibe of your occasion.

When you are selecting décor, consider the time of your function, if it is past 4.30 pm, a fireplace and candles with great lighting would go a long way. If your function is before 4.30 pm Colour themed table cloth and flowers would be perfect.


There is a myriad of themes to select from, it could be categorized into colours or something in particular like a costume party. Make sure the theme is photogenic and light coloured to snap elegant pictures to capture the magical moment. If your theme is something like a costume party as I mentioned before, hiring a photographer would be amazing, so you would be handed with high quality professional pictures that may hang on your wall for years.

You could then send an email letting notifying your guests with the theme so they could dress accordingly.

Finally, congratulations and may you have the best engagement party ever!