There is nothing better than stepping out of the house and having some fun with the girls on a fun day out. Here are some great ideas you can try out with them.

Ready to ride! Revisiting this California classic for a girls day out. #barbie #barbiestyle

Go For a Wine Tasting

There is nothing more girly than getting dressed up with your girlfriends in the most sophisticated dresses and the fanciest of the pumps you have and go wine tasting! It is definitely a lavish and a fun experience you should not miss out on with your gal pals. You might even be able to enjoy some calming music, a plate of cheese and a fine spread of crackers that would just heighten the tones of the wine.

Book a Day for Some Pampering

Who wouldn’t love some professional level pampering for an entire day! Get together with the girls and book a spa day including several relaxing treatments the likes of facial treatment Noosa, mani-pedi, massages and even body scrubs.

Try Out a Zumba Class

Most of you might choose to skip over this, but do remember that this might be the best time for you to try out that Zumba class you never had the motivation to visit. You can even try out an extreme activity like a bike ride with the gals or even something relaxing like aerobics.

Take A Road Trip

This comes high up in the bible of things to do with your girlfriends. This is not only a great way to catch up and renew the bonds with the girls you have been drifting apart with, but it is also a great way to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the sun. Do make sure you have a great final destination like a fancy hotel where some mouthwatering lunch awaits you. Taking the top down and blasting away the best tunes everyone likes are obviously compulsory.

Spend the Day on the Beach

Your toes in the sand, blobs of sunscreen, some wine, picnic baskets and lots and lots of lounging in the sun! What more could you ask from a girls’ day out! You can even try out some bonfires during night. Plus who can say no to tan lines and all that eye candy on the beach!

Include a Shopping Spree

Do not forget the basics of a girls’ day out! Who does not love a serious shopping session topped off with a fancy lunch? Make an entire day out of the shopping spree. Start with the biggest one of the malls in town. You can spend all the time in the world choosing the right pair of boots, the perfect sweater and some seriously sexy lingerie. It is the day to not worry about calories, the sizes and everything else! Eat some good food, share some gossip and shop for the best clothes. Do not forget top it all off with a big slice of cake.

Book a Bowling Night with the Girls

Do you ever outgrow bowling? Bowling is a great way to fill up an empty Saturday evening with the girls. It is not only a great way to chug a few beers and laugh at all the silly moves on the bowling alley!