Percussion instruments are fun to play and it can be a good starting point for a child who is learning to play an instrument. This is an easier instrument type to start with and you will be having fun in no time. There is a wide variety of percussion instruments as well and they will vary in difficulty level.Learning a percussion musical instrument can be both challenging and rewarding. A percussion instrument is basically an instrument that you play by plucking, scraping or beating it. This is an instrument that has been used long ago due to its simplicity and versatility.

You can find percussion instruments made of different materials like wood, plastic and metal. There is a variety of shapes and sizes. Drums are the most popular percussion instrument. If you’re a beginner, you can start with a five piece drum set and start making additions as you learn. A drum combines many percussion instruments such as cymbals, toms, hi-hat, snare and bass. While most tend to stay away from drum sets because of the space needed to keep one, there is an alternative that you can use. The electronic drum set is great if you don’t have a lot of space in the house. There is also an instrument called the guiro with originated in Latin America. This is made out of wood and shaped like a fish. You can make music by scraping along the ridges of the instrument with a stick.

There are also African percussion instruments like the djembe and marimba. Djembe is covered with skin and you can play it with bare hands. The marimba has different lengths of wooden bars that give out a different sound when hit with a mallet. The sound is then amplified by the resonators underneath.  One of the most popular percussion instruments is the maracas which is a cleaned gourd that can be shaken to produce sound. This sound is generated from the beans or beads inside the gourd. You can find a lot about the origin of the percussion instruments by reading about it and it can be a very interesting subject. Each country of the world has a contribution to this instrument and you will find variations of one instrument across the globe.

The cow bell is another simple percussion instrument that has a very distinct sound. It played at certain points of a song to create a highlight. The xylophone is a well-known percussion instrument. This is something that is easy for children to learn as well. It is made out of different bars of wood which will give out a different tone when struck with a mallet. But you need to know how to accurately hit the bars with the mallet. This generally comes with two mallets. This is quite similar to the marimba but the latter is quite large and up to four people can play the instrument. The Cajon, which originated in Peru, is shaped like a box and you can play it by tapping the sides of the box with your hands.  This is used in a lot of acoustic performances.