You must have probably heard someone around you say “I wish I could drop this and go live on a farm” when they talk about a busy life in a city. While waking up to green pastures and horses grazing does sound like the change you need, we are not sure about it being as dreamy as it sounds. Those working on a farm will tell you that it is absolutely no joke as it is lots of responsibility and there is no 9 to 5.

Unlike a city life however living on a farm gives you a sense of freedom as you are not constrained by the world. As usual there are many pros and cons of working on a farm, but if you ever do consider starting your own or moving to live on one there are somethings you would wish you knew in advance. So here are some tips to consider if you are ever thinking of changing your life and moving to see grazing horses and sheep instead.

Have you found the right plot of land?

Many farms are on land that has been within the family for years. It is generational old land so trying to purchase fresh land can become quite a bargain. Size, facilities and possibility for improvement and structure should all be considered before signing off on that agreement. It is good to carry out some prior research about prices of land in the area you live in so you know how to choose what you are looking for.

What animals do you want to have?

Investing in animals is very expensive so you need to be objective about it. What kind of farm do you want to have such as cattle for meat, sheep for wool or a mixture of both. Deciding the point of your farm will help prioritize your needs and finances. You will need to employ a few people to help you maintain the farm so you need to allocate costs for that too as long as water and electricity.

Maintenance of animals

Food and grooming are going to be your highest expenditure so get ready to have to pocket out cash. Food will need to be constantly brought in so it will be best that you have a known contact who can guarantee continual service. If you have horses, they need to be maintained in order for them to perform well. Their coats need to be shampooed and cut and hooves cleaned and replaced. So use the best clippers for your horse to make sure they are healthy and perform in optimal condition.

What vision you have for your farm

Starting a farm is only half the problem solved in order to ensure it continues you need to have a plan and vision for what you like to execute. This way you can plan finances better too. Successful farms make a lot of money if run right and above else you have to love what you do and the animals around you.