Trousers, also known as pants, are extremely popular and suitable for almost any setting and weather and are the most common lower body clothing for adult men in the world, and since the mid-20th century, have been increasingly popular among women.Trousers can be made from a multitude of materials and in different styles allowing them to be a part of any assortment of other articles of clothing to form a given style of attire. This article describes several popular styles used for trousers in the present day, primarily among women.

High-Waist Trousers

These are characterised by being worn several inches above the hip (usually about 8 inches above the navel). They are airy and loose fitting over the legs and are generally made from softer fabrics such as silk and polyester. Certain designs such as the high waist knit trouser can be paired with pumps, stilettos or a well-fitted shirt and used in casual or semi-professional settings depending on the rest of the attire.

Tailored Trousers

These are worn by both men and women and are generally worn to formal events, paired with a jacket or shirt. They are well fitted to the body and are characterised by a sharp look. Ideally, they should be ironed before being worn which makes it somewhat tedious to use.

Track pants

While track pants are technically athletic-wear they are worn for leisure and casual settings as well. They are designed to be comfortable as well as durable and allow performing various sports and activities without issue. They are commonly worn to gyms and recreational areas for sports.


Leggings are close fitted leg covering that are popular for aerobics but have been adopted for leisure as well. Leggings are skin-tight and are made of soft materials such as nylon, polyester, and cotton which make it easy to be worn for extended time periods. They are commonly worn with sweaters, skirts, dresses and shorts.


Jeans are one of the most popular styles of trousers and are made from denim. They are worn for almost any setting from casual to professional and can be combined with other types of attire such as shirts and blouses. Jeans are extremely popular in North America and Europe, with a combined stake of over 50% of the jeans market. Jeans can be made to different styles, which include ripped jeans and similar styles that attempt to emulate a worn or “used” look.


Chinos are popular among both men and women for being comfortable and easy to wear. They are also known as khakis and are made from cotton or synthetic cotton blends. They are a popular alternative to jeans and are worn in both casual and professional settings.

Linen Trousers

Linen trousers are characterised by tapered lines and are made from linen blends, making them more practical and less prone to creasing. They fit loosely over the body and are airy which makes them comfortable to wear over long periods.