Whether you’ve had a tough week at work, or simply feel burn out after balancing on a tight rope of stress for too long, here are a few things you can do this weekend to help your body and mind truly relax.

Sleep To Your Heart’s Content

Sufficient sleep is something we always miss out on when our schedules are tight and hectic. As a result, we often feel tired and a little bleary, depending on how much sleep we’re loosing. If it has been a rough couple of days, and you’ve been on the run from the moment your eyes open in the morning, then take this weekend to truly rest and rejuvenate. Leave your work phone at work, and switch off your mobile phone as well. Let some of your friend/relatives/neighbors know you are taking a well deserving break from the world, so that they may inform you if there happens to be an emergency. 

Use A Little Water Therapy

Water can do wonders to a tired body. For starters, try to drink as much water as possible throughout the weekend; flushing out all the building toxins. Then, schedule yourself a session at a spa, or if it’s available to you, a visit to a hot spring. If you live close to Moree, you could even make a weekend trip to a hot spring Moree. Alternatively, you could also schedule yourself a few hours at your local swimming pool. Swim and let all that gathered stress and tightness unravel from your body and into the water.

Catch Up With Your Loved Ones

Socializing is very important for our mental health. It is also vital for a healthy immune system. If your work schedule has been keeping you away from your loved ones, then use this weekend to reconnect with them. It doesn’t matter if you’re low in energy and cannot do a lot of activities. A cuddle on the couch while you watch a movie with your significant other, or a playing a few board games with your children in the comfort of your home can make a bigger difference than you’d think¾for everyone involved!

Become One With Nature

More often than not, thanks to most of us living in concrete jungles, we hardly get to see a star-filled night sky or even enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset. The sound of a waterfall or a rushing river can be very soothing to the ears, and perhaps be just what our tired mind needs to properly relax. If possible, use this weekend to reconnect and become one with nature. Whether this means camping out for the weekend or spending most of your days in your local park/beach, is entirely up to you.

Treat Yourself To A Mini Vacation

You’ve been running for a whole week, and exhausted yourself to the bone. If anyone deserves a vacation, it’s you. Pack your bags, rope in a close friend or your significant other and make your way to a mini vacation. Or, if solitude is what you need after being surrounded by people the whole week, you could even give yourself a luxury mini-vacation at a hotel!