If you are planning on hosting a party, one of the biggest issues you will have is with the drinks. This is because it can be rather confusing to figure out what you should serve as well as to determine the quantity. After all, as you are aware, the level of enjoyment at most parties largely depends on the beverages that are being served. Well, the good news for you is that you don’t have to look any further when figuring these things out – just follow the guidelines here:

Set Up a Bar That Can Be Easily Used by All

Unless you want to be running around all night, fetching everyone drinks, you may want to set up a bar on one side of the room. Here, you can keep the bottles of alcohol, juices, garnishes, etc. so that everyone can readily help themselves. The best way to make sure that this arrangement works out is to organize everything properly. This means keeping the alcoholic beverages to one side while keeping sodas and juices on another. Of course, you should also remember to place cups, ice buckets, tongs, and napkins in a place that is easy to reach as well.

Make Large Batches of Cocktails or Punch

There is no denying that measuring out individual drinks for each person can get a bit pricey. It can also be tiresome to make sure that you have drinks that everyone can enjoy. To solve this problem, you may want to consider serving either cocktails, punch, or both. This way, you only have to use one or two alcoholic beverages and the rest is juice or soda. Not to mention, you will also find that the drinks are much easier to serve. The key to pulling this off is to have enough of variation so that everyone is kept happy. For instance, you can have one vodka-based cocktail and a rum-based punch so that most people’s tastes are met.

Cool the Drinks Properly

No one really enjoys lukewarm drinks unless, of course, they are meant to be served that way. However, not all beverages can be stored the same way. For instance, if you are planning on having wines at the party, it is best to keep them in a wine refrigerator up to a day before you will be pouring the drinks. On the other hand, if you are going to be offering up vodka or gin, it is just a matter of placing the drinks in the freezer an hour before your guests show up.

Figuring Out the Number of Drinks

One of the trickiest parts of serving drinks is to figure out just how much of the alcohol and other ingredients you should buy. While there isn’t an exact science to do this, you can make an educated guess. Most experts will advise you to calculate for one drink per person, for every hour of the party. Of course, depending on the drinks being served as well as the overall vibe of the party, this number can increase or decrease.

Well, there you have it – the next time you are hosting a party, you will have your drinks problem all sorted out. This will keep you and your guests very happy indeed.