Frames are used to draw attention to the picture held within them. They are usually just a little ornate and eye-catching so that people see the picture within. When it comes to picture frames there are plenty to choose from. That’s why we are going to tell you what frames are available for you to choose from and which ones are best: 

Cloth Frames 

Frames made out of padding and cloth are great because you can even make them at home. It can be turned into a really fun DIY project especially if you have little kids that you need to keep entertained. All you need is some cloth, some padding, a bit of wood and some cardboard. Plus, cloth frames are a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift to give to a parent. Because it can be customized and personalized! You can select a colour and pattern of cloth that your parents might like and then put a photo in the frame that is really important to both of you.

Wooden Frames 

Wooden frames provide a classic look. You can very easily purchase a wooden frame at a local store near to you. Or you can even make it yourself, although it’ll take a little bit more effort than making a cloth frame. If you are unsure where to get these frames from then just head down to Picture Framers Melbourne and you should find what you are looking for. Wooden frames are very traditional so if that’s the look you are going for then the wooden frame is the right choice for you.

Metal Frames 

Metal frames are not modern. In fact, they have been around for ages, but now there’s a new take on these frames. They tend to be a lot sturdier, surprisingly lighter (in weight), brighter and also shinier than when they were made before. They are also currently the most popularly used frame and are a lot more durable than most other frames. Metal frames will match with any photo you want to place inside and so they are a good choice.

Antique Frames

Antique frames are the absolute best! They are so beautiful and catch your eye the moment you walk into a room. They are heavier and more intricately designed than most modern frames. Any photo you place into an antique or vintage frame gives the photo a look of classical elegance. Antique frames tend to have ornate designs on them, so if this is your style then this is the frame for you.

There you have it. A short list of almost all the frames you need to know about. A picture frame can really change a picture. You can make your picture look more jazzed up or tone down depending on what you’re going for. So don’t underestimate how important a frame actually is when looked at with the picture in it. A frame can make a world of a difference so do not be afraid to test them out first.