We lose those who are valuable to us all the time. There is no way to avoid it even though we do not even think of something like this happening. However, today, there is a trend of celebrating the lives of those dearly departed as opposed to mourning them as was back in the day. This new trend while being unconventional is also rather a better way of saying farewell to somebody who meant a lot to you and will always have that special place in your heart even if you are not really with them physically anymore. If you too have a loved one who is no more, and you want to say goodbye to them in the best way possible, here are some great ways to celebrate their life and the love that they spread.

Organize a Celebration of Life Rather Than a Sombre Service

One of the best things that you could do is to actually plan out a celebration of life in place of the otherwise serious memorial that you would have. Based on your location look for experts online such as funeral plans Brisbane for example and see what turns up. Choose the expert who can provide you with the services that you are looking for perfectly and help them create what your friend’s life would really celebrate. If you can guide them with the right output, you will be able to actively play a role in ensuring that your loved one is represented correctly for all that they stood by while they were here. This can actually give you a lot more peace and closure than simply mourning would.

Help Keep Their Passions Alive

While this may be a little bit more challenging to accomplish you can certainly get around to doing this too if you set your mind to it. Think about the passions that your loved one had while they were here. Maybe they loved cooking and was an incredible cook who had a great secret recipe. You can continue to keep their passion alive by sending out that recipe to their closest people and even making that recipe to be shared by everyone. If they were a musician, for example, you could easily keep their passion alive through the music that they loved and played. Similarly think about the ways in which you can think about them and honour their memory instead of feeling sad that they are no longer here.

Give Them New Life

Plant a tree in their name and watch it grow or start a small trust fund in their name for a cause that they would support would they have been alive. When you do something honourable in the memory of somebody whom you loved and lost, you give yourself the chance to heal. In addition to this, you will heal yourself anyway when you try to help others through a worthy cause as well. If you lose somebody you love, remember that love and respect exist outside of space and time.