The Global Talent Independent programme or GTI programme has been created to allow skilled individuals entry to Australia as a permanent resident. This is used to bring in skilled migrants to the country that will be able to provide invaluable service to key sectors or industries in the country.

There are global talent officers who are located overseas that will offer invitations to certain individuals that they have reviewed beforehand and decided to be an asset to the country. They will attend special events in foreign countries to promote this programme. If you are an individual who is interested in the global talent visa program, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). This is to be submitted to the Department of Home Affairs. Once your EOI has been reviewed and deemed applicable, you will be invited to apply for the visa. While other visa categories can take a long processing time due to wait lists, the global talent visa will be expedited and it will take about one to two months.

There are 10 categories that the Department of Home Affairs is looking at when screening individuals who fit the eligibility criteria. In addition to those involved in the sectors, students who are carrying out research within these sectors are also targeted. This is regarding students who have completed their PhD within the last three years. The outstanding achievement that is relevant to this visa programme can be in the field of sports, artistic pursuits, professional field, academics or research. However, the applicant has to be still active in this sector so that they can be of value to the country and the community. They should have the professional expertise to independently carry out their work within the industry.

However, even if you are eligible for the selection criteria, it is not a given that you will receive an invitation. There is a lot of competition within the programme due to the various professionals who are able to apply. The ten sectors are energy, resources, health industries, agri food and Ag Tech, infrastructure, financial services, education, travel and tourism infrastructure, defence, advanced manufacturing and space, circular economy and digital tech.

There are about 15,000 positions available under the global talent independent programme. You will require a nomination and a unique identifier which will be provided to you by the Department along with an identification code. And the most important document is the visa application itself. But you will only be considered for the programme if you submit an EOI to the department. This will include your resume, cover letter and documents that will serve as proof of your achievements in the specific field. You will require the unique identification number and code in order to fill out the visa application. You need to look at the professional fees and additional fees you need to pay as well. There are companies that will be able to work with you to provide you with guidance for the visa application process. They will be able to help you with fine tuning your application and include all pertinent documents required by the department.