You will be able to remove disease causing microorganisms from water effectively when using a UV disinfection system. They are used at different scales of application from domestic water disinfection to commercial and industrial wastewater treatment.

Ultraviolet sterilization systems can be used to provide safe and pure water. UV light is able to destroy the DNA of microorganisms which will result in their death. And the microbes will not be able to grow and spread in the water. You can use this process to disinfect drinking water and wastewater. It can be used for surface disinfection as well. UV sterilisation is used in many hospitals, offices and factories.  UV light is emitted by higher mercury discharge lamps or UV lamps. Spores, mould, bacteria and viruses can be destroyed by UV light. But it should be the correct dose of UV light. The UV disinfection unit is designed in a way to ensure that all microorganisms in the water get sufficient exposure to the light and therefore are killed providing safe drinking water. The UV reactor should be designed to deliver the correct dosage of UV light.

UV disinfection systems are used in many applications such as the food and beverage industry where the suppliers are able to maintain specifications that are laid down by regulatory bodies. Water that is used for healthcare and pharmaceutical products will also be disinfected to ensure they don’t carry any pathogens or chlorine. In wastewater disinfection, UV disinfection is used to treat the waste water so that it can be used for other purposes such as gardening. While chlorination is a common method of disinfecting water in swimming pools, UV disinfection is increasingly being used to provide safe water. It is also a more cost-effective system. The cosmetic industry also uses this system to ensure that the shelf life of cosmetics is increased.

This is an environmentally friendly method of disinfecting water. And it comes with the lowest operating cost which makes it a very economical system. There will be no chemicals added to the water in this system such as chlorine so you don’t need to worry about overdosing. Because no chemicals are used, you can easily use this system in industries where chemicals cannot be used such as breweries. UV disinfection systems are easy to manage as well. Many water purification systems on the market have moving parts that increase maintenance. And a breakdown of these parts can be quite costly as well. You don’t need to worry about this with a UV disinfection system as there are no moving parts. Even if you have a very small space such as in the case of apartments or small offices, you can still use a UV sterilisation unit as they can be found in compact options. You can also fit it into an existing water treatment system which will not take any additional space from your home. UV systems are able to disinfect water in one cycle which increases efficiency.