Ok, you got your first grill, now what? I know you want to flaunt your amazing barbequing skills and woo your entire family. I was there too. I mean, that was probably why I invested in one. Trust me, it was an amazing investment and I love my annual garden parties where I grill up some wonderful food for my cousins, in laws and children. It’s great for family bonding and has allowed for some wonderful memories that are absolutely priceless. But how, and exactly what would you need if you want to make your dream barbeque come to fruition? Yeah, you got the grill, now what?

What will You Cook Up?

Do you know what you’re going to grill for your guests? Personally, I believe this is the most important aspect of any good barbecue. I love grilling sausages for hot dogs, hamburger patties for burgers, and marinated meats and vegetables for kebabs as they are loved by all and are the easiest to make. If you think you have enough food, double it. Everyone’s here to eat. Make sure to have side dishes on hand. I usually have coleslaw, corn (that I grilled), potato chips and sometimes, potato salad. I got my grill from green mountain grills, and I still own it. I’m now 3 years into this, and I’ve learned quite a bit. That’s why I’ll guide you through what you’ll need to be a success. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

Make sure your menu has cool drinks. I usually have refreshing juices such as lemonade and orange juice, as well as iced tea. The barbecues happen during the day and I want everyone to be as refreshed as possible, and personally, I don’t believe that soft drinks would help with this. A separate section dedicated to alcoholic drinks would be an absolute must.

How are you going to decorate?

Barbecues are all about the atmosphere, not just the food. You need to set the tone for your guests by meddling with the music and arrangement of the furniture. A favorite of mine is arranging the chairs throughout the garden. This allows for a large open space to be created. A lot of the time, people tend to move about and chit chat, and with this seating arrangement, people are allowed to easily mingle.

Make sure to always have music on hand. But what kind of music is appropriate? When kids are not around I go through Spotify and Bluetooth my speakers to the global charts. If kids are present, some light jazz would do good. Continuously, jazz would be perfect when having important guests.

When the lights go down, it’s wonderful to have string lights placed around the garden. It allows for a relaxed, holiday like feel to be created. I have a set of white string lights and I find them the best. But you could pick whatever colour you want- Blue might be nice.

Did you enjoy the article? I hope I helped you.