If you have not yet purchased your first sex toy and you are contemplating now on buying one, consider kegel balls. Kegel balls are not just a simple sex toy because you could also use them not just for pleasure, but also for the health benefits of using one.

Read the below reasons why you should consider kegel balls as your first sex toys.

Kegel Balls Could Make You Orgasm Intensely

Orgasms for women are achieved by the rhythmic contractions of pelvic floor muscles. The stronger these muscles are, the more intense orgasms are. If you have already been doing kegel exercises continue doing so. But if you have no idea what these exercises are, try to stop peeing midstream. The muscles that you use for stopping your pee are the muscles you need to exercise during kegel.

Doing kegel is enough but if you are truly serious in strengthening those pelvic floor muscles, invest in kegel balls. These kegel balls would help exercise your pelvic muscles because once inserted inside your vagina, the muscles contract to keep them in. It’s the best thing to do in iso. Exercising your pelvic muscles is not only for the health benefit but also for sexual pleasures.

Kegel Balls Could Make Backdoor Sex Pleasurable

If your partner is requesting some “backdoor” sex but you are not quite sure how to feel about that, using kegel balls could make anal sex more pleasurable. Even if your purpose for kegel balls is for anal, don’t insert it to your anus. The kegel balls would make it pleasurable because the balls would be hitting your G-spot during intercourse. If you are still interested about using balls for your anus, there are separate toys for that which you could purchase from sex shops or retailers.

Kegel Balls Could Help Prevent Vaginal Prolapse

Not all women know what “vaginal prolapse” is and that it is a common disorder during pregnancy and after birth. Family history, lifestyle and other medical conditions could also lead to this disorder where the uterus, the bladder and the bowel poke through the vagina. Kegel balls could help avoid this disorder.

Kegel Balls Could Help Inflamed Prostate Glands

Kegel balls are not only for women. They also help men with inflammation in the prostate gland. If you are at risk for prostate cancer, try doing everything in your capabilities to prevent this condition in the future.

If these are not enough reasons for you to consider kegel balls as your first sex toy, do your research and you would see that even sex experts are recommending them. But if you could ask the advice of your doctor before buying one especially if you are purchasing it for health purposes, the better. Once you have started using them, similar to any other workouts, get used to the equipment first and build your endurance before adding weights and minutes into using the balls.

After using the kegel balls, make sure that you clean them to avoid any bacteria build up and to be safe and sanitized for your next use.