Becoming a parent is a lifetime commitment, and mothers especially go through a lot of phases during this stage. Pregnancy changes you both physically and emotionally. This is because during the initial stage you might go through a lot of hormonal changes which will affect your moods, skin and everything else. Here is a guide to facing motherhood:

Embrace the New Change

This is a beautiful chapter in a woman’s life and she should learn to embrace it and enjoy every moment.  Start by taking care of yourself that is eat right and have a balanced diet. One doesn’t need to go on a strict diet during pregnancy but this doesn’t mean that you can binge on food and eat everything you see. This is because if there is an unhealthy weight gain the pregnancy could get complicated. Also since you will be hormonal there will be bad days where you will have mood swings, so it is best to stay with people who bring joy and happiness in your life. It is important to remain stress free during this time, so if your workload is too much you should take a break for you and the baby. Apart from this you could also do yoga and swimming, however make sure you ask your doctor before doing this.

Prepare Beforehand

Once you start your fifth month you should start preparing for the baby by doing some shopping. During this period you might also gain weight so you should buy maternity clothes for yourself, these are super comfortable. You should also buy nursing shirts, clothes for the baby, napkins and other essentials. This is because after you give birth you might not have the time to shop. Also keep in mind that you might have a lot of work after your pregnancy and if you are a new mother it will be too much for you to handle. So make sure that you call one of your family members at least a month before you are due to look after you and to help you do the house chores.

You Come First

Yes you read that right, it is important to think about yourself before anyone else. In order to raise a healthy and happy child you need to be content yourself. Most of the times mothers get into postpartum depression and to avoid this make sure you think about yourself first. Motherhood can take a toll on you as this is a life changing experience. There might be times where you will have to be up on odd hours trying to calm your child. However, take turns with your partner for instance you could breastfeed the child and he could put the baby to sleep. Also at least once a week take some time for yourself by pampering and doing things that bring you happiness. You should also exercise and this will also help to release stress hormones.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. It is natural for you to gain weight after pregnancy and you might not lose the weight immediately. So don’t be too harsh on yourself take things easy and enjoy this new blessing life has rewarded you with.